My fascination for guitar began when I was a child attending kindergarten in Vienna, where I would admire the skill of my kindergarten teacher as she played guitar and sang. Possibly, this planted the very first seed for what was to become a career choice in music and teaching.

A few years later, at the age of12, the rock band KISS irrevocably ushered me into the world of music. This major musical influence not only chaperoned my adolescence but also left its mark in my musical work many years later.

I discovered the blues during my time as an industrial apprentice. I was 16 years old when I first picked up a guitar.

Influenced primarily by such guitarists as John Mayall, Eric Clapton, and Mark Knopfler, I played rock & blues music until one day I watched a video clip featuring the American guitarist Stanley Jordan performing a jazz piece using the unusual “tapping” technique.
Little did I know how deeply this technique would change the way I played guitar, and it was from this moment on that I became hooked on jazz music.

Next to the profession I trained in, I played in bands I founded myself for many years until I finally left Austria for two years to study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Captivated by the sound of modern jazz guitar music, I took private classes with various teachers, including guitarists Joe Diorio and John Abercrombie. Upon my return to Vienna, I graduated from the University of Music and Arts in Graz where I majored in jazz guitar.

During jam sessions in various Viennese clubs, I developed an affinity for Brazil and had the pleasure of being invited to play concerts in Fortaleza, Brazil, two summers long. During this time, Ernst Ritsch, who studied guitar with me, founded the Vienna Music Institute, a pop/jazz academy of music, where I have been teaching since Spring 2000, in addition to my teaching at the Association of Music in the Upper Waldviertel.

The Millennium brought a turning point in my career as an artist. I launched the pop/jazz project “Camena”, featuring me on guitar and for which I authored both the music and lyrics.

Together, my duo partner Anne-Maria Höller and I published the first album Camena “servant of my soul” (2001).This was then followed by a series of concerts, first in a duo formation with just the two of us and finally in a trio which included the percussionist Farid Al-Shami.

Aside from the live performances with Camena, I found myself breaking new musical ground elsewhere: As a consequence, I was booked for the contemporary theater/opera productionsNeue Oper Wien “The Little Match Girl” (2003), “The Threepenny Opera” (2004), “The Seven Deadly Sins” (2005) and “The Knot Garden” (2005) featuring as guitar and banjo player.

Influenced by the world of theatre, new songs were born, resulting in the release of the second album “camena to the fallen” (2005).
This time I invited a select crew of guest musicians and vocalists, including New York jazz singer, Dean Bowman, Broadway Musical singer, Drew Sarich, the Viennese bass player, Volker Wadauerand the Swiss avant-garde cellist, Clementine Gasser to participate in the album’s production.

Aside from Dean Bowman, the line-up for the live concerts that follow (including Stadtfest Wien, Ö1 Bühne am Donauinselfest, Porgy & Bess, Joe Zawinul’s Birdland, etc.), feature such performers as jazz/soul vocalist Patrizia Ferrara and English rock/musical singer Rob Fowler.

As part of a professional continuing education I postgraduated in summer 2013 following a three-year PhD - doctorate study at the Institute for Jazz Research at the Art University Graz/Austria.
My thesis explores austrian jazz guitarist Karl Ratzer´s characteristic musical content or qualitative musical features and individual method of learning and playing.

Currently, I am working on new pieces for a planned guitar solo album.